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Our Vision

WellCheck AI is devoted to improving the understanding of data and how it is used to help individuals lead healthy, and happy, lives.  With our unique approach to your organizations collection of data pools we can accelerate your data plans to quickly make useful information available to guide you in your decisions.

What we do

Have you ever wanted access to data, realizing a new set of program information could help illuminate a public health problem?  Have you ever wondered "what if I had that data" when it comes to whether additional information could really help you get at the source of your clients health issue?  What if you could access this data, without lengthy legal agreements, with all the encryption and obscuring still in place but the aggregated information it contained available to you to help you make better decisions?

WellCheck AI can help you do this.  WellCheck AI specializes in using unique technologies, and unique view points of data, to help organizations realize trends and solutions they were not expecting.  From fully encrypted multiparty computations to scalable homomorphic encryption, WellCheck AI can help your organization start putting the puzzle of your data together

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