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Connecting Dots

Data Analytics
To Protect the Vulnerable

Using Existing Data to Solve the Health and Human Services Puzzle

Your Data as a Puzzle to be Solved

Data can be viewed as a puzzle.  The scattering of pieces on a table symbolizing all the programs and applications an organization has at it's disposal.  But putting it together, on demand, has been all but impossible.  

WellCheck AI's unique technologies and methodologies can help you do this.  Fast.

Modern Data Hub Approaches to Heterogenous Data Sources

Data in different formats with different schemas rapidly integrated for on-demand reporting.

Iron Clad Approaches to Security

The latest technology to obscure and encrypt data sources at rest and in transit.

A Unique View of Data

Rapid Implementation of data views derived from the Social Determinants of Health and other proven social lenses.

Experienced In Your Field 

Focused on applying our extensive real world experience with HHS and Child Safety to enable you to achieve rapid results.

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